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Uebel "Classic" Wooden Clarinet

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F. Arthur Uebel have been making fine clarinets in Germany since 1936.

The Classic is the entry professional level clarinet of the Uebel line up. It has an energetic sound and great flexibility. The ergonomically efficient key work is combined with elegant silver plating and the highest quality leather pads to provide a joyful musical experience.

17 keys, 6 rings
Selected seasoned Grenadilla wood
Ergonomically optimized design
Undercut tone holes
“Classic” bore
Eb lever (optional)
2 barrels
Adjustable ergonomic thumbrest
Leather pads
Silver plated keywork
Inlaid Sterling silver signet
FAU mouthpiece
Vandoren reed
Rovner ligature
X-Light case

Made in Germany

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