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Stomvi Master Bb Trumpet

Regular price $7,195.00 NZD
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GST inclusive
  • Standard 27 Copper Bell, Silver Plated
  • 27+ Copper Bell, Silver Plated
  • 30 Copper Bell, Silver Plated
  • 30 Bellflex Bell, Gold Plated

Model #5381

The Stomvi Master trumpets evolved from the product first created more than 30 years ago, when Stomvi embarked on the adventure of creating high quality innovating instruments. Naturally, the Master trumpets have been developed over the last three decades and have become established as modern instruments with their own personality, which is characterized by their versatility, power and acoustic quality. They have a deep rounded sonority and they produce a rich resonant tone full of harmonics.

The Master offers the player 6 different options. The patented modular design comes with 2 bell tails, 2 bells (Gold Plated BellFlex and Silver Plated Copper), and 2 lead pipes allowing the player to configure the horn differently depending on his/her needs. With incredible slotting, fantastic intonation, even registers, quick response, and clean articulations the Master is easy to play in any configuration. The modular design creates multiple feel and tonal options making the Master a trumpet for all occasions

Bore: ML
Bells: #25 (copper silver plated) & #27 (bellflex gold plated)
Leadpipes: #1 & #3
Main tuning slides #27 & #25
Gold trim kit (Titanium trim kit upon request)
Finish: silver plated (Gold plated finish upon request)

New Master bells available

Model #6045 nº 27 Plus (131 mm/5.16in) Bellflex
Model #6046 nº 27 Plus (131 mm/5.16in) Silver plated copper
Model #6054 nº 30 (141 mm/5.55 in.) Bellflex
Model #6053 nº 30 (141 mm/5.55 in.) Silver plated copper

The Master series philosophy is flexibility for the player. This allows the instrument to adapt to the technical and acoustic needs for every scenario. With this in mind, Stomvi has developed the 27 Plus and 30 bells for the Master Bb and C trumpets.

  • The 27 Plus bell has a diameter of 5.16 in. (131 mm) which provides more timbre and harmonic range.
  • The 30 bell is a wider bell and has a diameter of 5.55 in. (141 mm), which provides more sound and warmth.
  • These bells are available in 2 materials, Bellflex and Copper, and allow more colors to be added to the sound of the instrument.
  • Bells available upon request

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