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Select Jazz Reeds Tenor Sax Box of 5

Regular price $40.00 NZD
Regular price Sale price $40.00 NZD
GST inclusive

Select Reeds Strength Below

  • 2 Soft
  • 2 Medium
  • 2 Hard
  • 3 Soft
  • 3 Medium
  • 3 Hard
  • 4 Soft
  • 4 Medium
  • 4 Hard
Select Jazz Alto reeds are cut with a thick blank and spine and feature a traditional tip shape to give your performance clarity, projection, and a robust vibrant sound.
  • JAZZ
  • ROCK


Digitally measured and held to the tightest tolerances, Select Jazz reeds feature the thickest spine and blank of D’Addario jazz reeds. This cut offers great projection, focus, and a vibrant sound. Select Jazz reeds are available in both filed and unfiled models.

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