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Neotech Clarinet Loop Strap Black

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If you're passionate about playing the clarinet but are not a fan of bulky or rigid straps, you'll love Neotech's™ Clarinet Loop Strap. This innovative strap is designed to be both light and discreet, you'll barely notice it's there. Effortlessly delivering the support and comfort you need without compromising your style.

The Clarinet Loop Strap features a 3mm neoprene pad at just 1" wide for a supportive, yet minimalist feel. The unique loop attachment fastens securely around the thumb rest base or through a strap ring and is compatible with most thumb rest covers. The loop can easily detach from the strap and remains on the instrument when in storage via a secure quick disconnect system.

  • Light-weight neck strap specifically designed for clarinets
  • Ultra-thin yet durable neoprene pad 
  • Unique Loop easily attaches to either a thumb rest or strap ring (see example here)
  • Two-finger slide adjusts length
  • For musicians with multiple instruments, extra Neo Mini QD Loops can be purchased separately
  • Detaches from the strap with a secure quick disconnect system


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