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La Tromba Cork/Slide Grease 3g

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This is considered by many technicians around the world to be the best grease on the market. We use this exclusively in our workshop, on woodwind and brass instruments.
The cork on joints of any woodwind instrument is subjected to heavy use - if it is too dry, the cork will tear when putting the instrument together; if there is too much cork grease on it, the grease will break down the glue attaching the cork, and the cork "twists off"
La Tromba is a special formulation which seals the cork without affecting the glue, meaning the cork remains pliable for much longer - less maintenance has to be a good thing!
This grease also works extremely well on brass slides - it creates a waterproof guard against wear and corrosion, and is very temperature-stable.

A tiny bit of this grease goes a long way, and it doesn't dry out, so lasts and lasts!
Available in a 3g pot

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