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Hetman 13.5 Medium Bearing & Linkage Oil - 30ml

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The Hetman Bearing and Linkage Oil is designed to protect rotary valve spindle bearings, the most critical wear points of the rotary valve. Spindle bearings require lubricants that allow the rotor to move quickly while simultaneously combating the tremendous stresses these components are subjected to. Hetman® Synthetic Bearing Lubricants are engineered to ensure maximum wear protection without slowing the action. This bearing oil protects against corrosion and will not damage plastic components or swell rubber bumpers. 

The Hetman® Bearing and Linkage Oil #13.5  is designed for instruments with average tolerances and will suit most unless brand new or very clacky.

  • 22ml precision needle oiler
  • Non-toxic and non-gumming

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