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Gator Dual Layer Wind Instrument Face Mask

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  • Helps Reduce the Spread of Aerosols During Instrument Play
  • Small-Size Wind Instrument Double-Layer Face Mask
  • Made to Meet the Recommendations Set Forth by the NFHS’ Performing Arts Aerosol Study
  • Patent Pending Design Allows User to Play Instrument Without Having to Remove Face Covering
  • Great to Drink Through During Travel, Events, Exercise, & Any Situation Where a Mask is Worn
  • Cotton Flap on Mouth Opening Features Magnetic Connections to Keep it Open or Closed
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps for Increased Comfort
  • Reusable & Hand Washable
  • Cotton & Polyester Fabric
  • Distance from Bridge of Nose to Center of Mouth Opening: 2.25”/mm
  • Overall Distance from Bridge of Nose to Bottom of Chin: 4.75”/121mm
  • Disclaimer: These masks have not been tested by the FDA, CDC or any other official organization to

    conclude that they prevent the transmission of viruses.

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