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Denis Wick Small Mouthpiece Brush

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Keep your mouthpiece hygienic and fresh with this practical, well-designed brush. It is essential to keep mouthpieces clean at all times. If dirt and debris are allowed to accumulate in the backbore, the mouthpiece becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The warm, wet conditions allow microbes to thrive.

Clean the mouthpiece with warm, soapy water, using the mouthpiece brush to scrub the bore of the mouthpiece. According to the latest Covid-19 advice, mouthpieces should be brushed fifteen times within thirty seconds using a detergent to reduce the microbial load.  A sanitising solution can be used instead of detergent. Warm (not boiling!), soapy water is effective, but if using a sanitiser, use one designed for brass instruments and avoid any bleach-based products, which can damage the plating of your mouthpiece. Use the mouthpiece brush to scrub the bore of the mouthpiece from the shank end, and make sure all dirt from the bottom of the cup is removed by brushing from the other end as well.

After thoroughly cleaning the mouthpiece, let it air dry, or use a disposable cloth or paper towel. If you use a cloth you might be transferring germs to the cloth and risk causing onward transmission.

The Denis Wick mouthpiece brush has a plastic covering on the point ensure that it will not scratch your mouthpiece during cleaning. Even with the plastic protector, always be careful when brushing your mouthpiece not to scratch it, especially when brushing a gold plated mouthpiece, as gold is a very soft metal.

Remember to clean your mouthpiece at least once a week, and never share it! This will keep the mouthpiece spotless and will prevent infections and cross contamination. Use the right mouthpiece brush for the job!  The DW4917S is suitable for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, tenor horn and French horn mouthpieces. Baritone, trombone, euphonium, sousaphone and tuba players should use a larger brush, such as the DW4917L.

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