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Besson BE2056 Prestige 4v Compesating Bb Baritone

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The Prestige 2056 baritone is a four-valve compensating Baritone, facilitating exactly the same full chromatic range as the euphonium of up to five octaves, should you ever need it!

Much of the modern writing for the baritone uses the lower notes, dipping below the lowest note of F sharp, especially for solo players and those who enjoy the challenge of playing solos for the euphonium or saxhorn.

The presence of the fourth valve also enables a wide range of alternate fingerings to be used to facilitate the performance of countless difficult phrases.

The slightly heavier weight of the Prestige compared to the Sovereign also gives this instrument a different tonal characteristic, perhaps more concentrated yet still alive and vibrant, and in the hands of the world’s greatest baritone soloists and band players we hear all these possibilities gloriously demonstrated.

Key: Bb
Bore: .543″ (13.8mm)
Bell diameter: 9.5″ (241mm)
Hand-made yellow brass bell
4 compensating valves (3 + 1)
2 water keys
Gold-plated finger buttons, caps and water keys
Optional heavyweight finger buttons and bottom caps
Finish: clear lacquer or bright silverplate

2 year warranty

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