Stomvi Titan Eb Cornet

Stomvi Titan Eb Cornet

Model #5838 (Copper)

This model has just been released and is creating a great deal of excitement amongst Soprano players. The sound and intonation are outstanding.

Bore: M 11.5mm
Leadpipes: #8 & #9A (8 for standard mouthpieces and 9A for short style cornet mouthpieces)
Bell: #20 - Bellflex, Gold Brass or Copper
Bell diameter: 114mm
Nickel silver trim kit
Onyx finger button inserts

There are two one piece hand hammered bell options:
Bellflex: The brightest sound, most suited to orchestral and wind band use.
Gold Brass: More depth and warmth in medium and quiet dynamics. Still achieving a good bright sound at loud dynamics. Well suited to brass band and orchestral. Probably the most versatile option.
Solid Copper. Warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work.

Original Stomvi mouthpiece and lightweight Protec case included


Pricing: $6,250.00


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