Tromba Pro Plastic Trombone

Tromba Pro Plastic Trombone

What makes the Tromba Trombone better than any of the other plastic trombones available? It’s the only plastic trombone on the market with a lead pipe. So you get the best of both worlds: The lightness and fun of plastic, and the crisp tone of metal.
If you’re looking for a new perspective on your favourite instrument, you’ve just found it.
The Pro is fast winning a fan base amongst experienced players, won over by its combination of super-smooth slide, lightweight feel and great intonation. The instrument has a powerful tone consistent in both upper and lower registers, and a subtlety throughout that makes it perfect for studio work.
With its lightweight construction (weighing in at only 750g) and smooth slide, the Pro is so much easier to play and manage than a traditional brass instrument. As a result, learners get going quicker and make better sounds sooner. This in turn keeps them motivated and more likely to stick with the instrument.
Like all Trombas, the Pro is made to last. Made from high specification ABS plastic and ultrasonically welded for extra durability, it resists knocks and bumps and won’t let you down by turning up for a performance dented and out of tune.
Supplied free with every Tromba Pro -
Trombone stand
Cleaning kit
12C & 48 size mouthpieces
Lightweight padded carry case

6 month warranty
Available in the following colours - red, blue, white, black, and yellow


Pricing: $165.00


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