Perantucci PT50+ Tuba Mouthpiece

Perantucci PT50+ Tuba Mouthpiece

Model PT-50+ has the same specifications as the PT50, but with a heavy shell;
It has a large and deep cup. The clearly defined inner rim aids articulation and tonal clarity. This Perantucci mouthpiece combines high dynamic range with fast response. It aids low register playing while still enabling a good upper register. It is the largest mouthpiece in the Perantucci range with a funnel-cup, recommended for powerful, advanced players.

Cup Diameter:33.0mm
Deep funnel shaped cup.
Rim: Width 7.5mm
Flat rim with sharp inner edge.
Bore: 8.3mm
Resistance: Moderate – open blowing.

(Also available as special order in gold plate at $295)


Pricing: $185.00


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