Common Sales Questions

Common questions:

  • I'm wanting to order an item you don't currently have in stock, how long will it take for you to order it for me?
  • I'm just looking at getting into music, what instrument should I start on? 
  • Do you have school/student/hire/teacher special prices or sales?
  • I'm going to start learning my instrument at school soon, how do I put it together and make a sound on it now?
  • What reed strength is right for me?
  • I need to get my insurance company to pay for a replacement instrument, how do I go about this process?
  • What brass mouthpiece should I buy? And what do all these numbers and letters mean!?
  • How do I find the best instrument to suit my needs? Will I need to upgrade if I get serious later?
  • I just want an instrument that does the job, I/my child/my student doesn't need anything fancy and we don't want to spend heaps of money, what have you got that I can buy?
  • How do I make my reeds last, keep them fresh and stop them from going mouldy?