Common Repair Questions

Common Questions or Comments:

  • What will it cost to service my instrument?
  • Do you have special school/teacher/hire/community group repair special prices?
  • I live outside of Auckland, can I courier an instrument for repair to your workshop?
  • Can I get my insurance to pay for my repairs?
  • Why are repairs and servicing so expensive!? Surely with a little practical know-how I could do the same job myself?
  • How do I keep my silver plated instrument clean and shiny?
  • Is "clean" or "polish" included in a general service?
  • I just had my instrument "serviced", so why does it still look dirty inside and not clean and shiny on the outside?
  • What's with all these weird repair terms and definitions? How do I even know or understand what kind of repair I'm getting or paying for?
  • "My teacher says..." 
  • How often should I service my instrument? Do I even need to get a regular service?
  • Do you do URGENT repairs? I have a gig tonight, HELP!
  • I have an exam next week... I should probably get my instrument checked over beforehand, right?
  • What's a "chemical clean"? Does it cost extra?
  • What's the difference between an "internal clean", "ultrasonic clean" and "chemical clean"?
  • Can I book my instrument in for repairs in advance?
  • My instrument doesn't work, how much will it cost to fix it?
  • My instrument needs tuning... 
  • I want to learn how to maintain my instrument myself so in times of crisis I can get it going for the short term until I have a chance to get it done properly
  • My wooden instrument has a crack! Can you even fix cracks?
  • I maintain my instrument myself, I've fixed it and it's been doing the job fine but but it isn't quite responding the way I want it to... can you just give it a cheap quick tweek or fix to make it better?
  • My swab is stuck! What do I do!?
  • I'm a bit disappointed with the recent repairs done to my instrument, it doesn't look like any work has actually been done and everything still feels the same as it did when I brought it in...
  • Dad/my teacher tried to fix it but...
  • My pads have gone mouldy...
  • Another technician or shop quoted me a totally different price for exactly the same work, how are repair prices so subjective across the music industry!? How can I trust that I'm not being swindled, either by not getting a quality repair done, or, on the other hand, totally overpaying for repairs I didn't know I was getting or even wanted?
  • I want to speak to the technician...
  • Intermittent issues?

More content and answers to these questions coming soon...!

In the meantime:

If you have any urgent questions right now, please just give us a call and ask away, we are always eager to help!