Alliance Soprano Cornet Mouthpiece

Alliance Soprano Cornet Mouthpiece

S Model
Cup Diameter: 16.25 mm
Rim: 5.78 mm
Bore: 4 mm
Cup: Deep

The S model is the everyman workhorse – producing a full, bright, but certainly not a strident tonality throughout the range. It does the job that it is intended to do without fuss, enabling an experienced player to blend as well as project. Its main strength enables you to sit on top of a cornet section or ensemble whilst also allowing a touch of individuality in solo passages.

S+ Model
Cup Diameter: 16.5 mm
Rim: 5.65 mm
Bore: 4.25 mm
Cup: Standard
Slightly brighter tone than the S model. Clear, lively sound with a touch of brilliance. This mouthpiece is a little wider in cup diameter than the S, but the cup depth is about 0.5mm shallower. It also has a slightly bigger bore, giving a big, bright sound.

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Pricing: $129.00


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